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I think it is the disconnect between reported revenues, billings and bookings that is misunderstood by many observers and investors and which has not been adequately explained by the company that has hobbled share price performance. And it is this very incomplete picture that has been presented to stakeholders that has afforded investors what appears to be a particularly attractive point. That said, I do not expect the shares to perform at brilliant levels in the near future unless the company closes mega-transactions that break through the mists of “FUD” or if it chooses to change its financial presentation to focus on bookings, backlog and the value of its annuity base.

Silver Spring: A Long-Term Project $SSNI

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I tried to slog through that when it came out, but couldn’t make the numbers work. Did you have any takeaways to share?


I read the whole article. My take away was that no one should expect this stock to go on a run in the near future. But, at the same time, they have a lot of potential, and due to the way they report, the potential is not easily seen by investors. They have a large installed based which portends well for ever increasing recurring revenues.

I have a relatively small position which I was considering selling due to poor performance, but I’ve decided to just let it gather dust unless there is some specific contrary news.