StackOverflow Developer's Survey 2019

I only drill down to MongoDB mention, you can navigate from there if you care to see the whole survey:…

For the third year in a row, Redis is the most loved database, meaning that proportionally more developers want to continue working with it than any other database. Couchbase and Oracle rank as the most dreaded databases, and for the third year in a row, MongoDB is the most wanted database.


To add a bit to the survey. Of the most loved databases Elastic is #3 ahead of Mongo at #5. 63.6 to 59 something if I recall.

As for most wanted, Mongo is #1 a 17.8, and Elastic is #3 at 11.1. Mongo’s score is a bit down from last year if I recall here but still clear number 1 in this category.

Also, this survey continues to validate the methodology of DBDatabase ranking of websites.



Good to see Mongo’s SSPL license not creating heartburn among developers even though not being called Open source. The market seems to have pooh poohed that. But it seems the market still somewhat unsure of Elastic business model. Shay will get a bunch of questions this EC on that.