"Starship" Testing Progresses


Not investing news, but something interesting to me…

In the lead-up to launch, SpaceX has been carrying out a number of static fire engine tests, during which engines are fired up while the rocket remains on the ground. After the engine test on Monday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted that “chamber pressure looked good on all 7 engines.”

He also stated in a following tweet that “Booster 7 now returns to high bay for robustness upgrades & booster 8 moves to pad for testing. Next big test is probably full stack wet dress rehearsal, then 33 engine firing in a few weeks.”

The full stack refers to Starship mounted on top of the Super Heavy booster rocket. Put together, it is the world’s tallest rocket, measuring 395 feet (120 m) in height. That is the configuration that is expected to send astronauts to Mars.

When will we see Starship fly to orbit?

SpaceX has been gradually increasing the number of Raptor engines it fires up during its Starship static fire tests over the last few months.

The company, for example, only performed the first multi-engine static fire test on August 31, having previously only tested one engine at a time on Booster 7 and on the Starship prototype, respectively.

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