Streaming on Snowflake

I know that there a lot of amazing tech coming out prodigiously. And I don’t want to drag anyone into the weeds here; but, this article by Paul Needleman, Senior solution Architect at Snowflake, outlines a new development for now in Private Beta. It’s is a really big deal, IMO.

He writes:
“The’ holy grail for analytics is accessing data for real-time insights. This continues to challenge data teams with architectural decisions and legacy architectures that can’t scale to meet the pace of data coming at them. Cloud unlocks these challenges due to the nearly limitless potential of storage and compute. But even with the cloud, it can be complex to architect solutions given the patchwork of technologies that are needed to support data streaming architectures — networking, data security, governance, and the pipes and connectors between the various upstream and downstream systems.”

Snowflake Stream Processing

Snowflake makes connecting to streaming technologies as simple as any other Snowflake feature, abstracting away much of the complexity so developers can focus on delivering value from data, not spending time implementing and maintaining complex architectures.

“Snowpipe Streaming for Kafka connector (Private Preview) only requires a single line change from “SNOWPIPE” to “SNOWPIPE_STREAMING.” This small change reduces the time for data to be viewed in near-real time, supporting real-time analytical insights. In addition, Snowflake’s native elastic storage and compute provide the scale needed to combine near real-time data with legacy data for historical trending or predictive analytics on a single platform.”

Because I see the strong network effects around what I consider Snowflakes many must have solutions, SNOW is now 25% of my portfolio. I’m sharing this one today because when this goes GA I believe it will definitely move their Revenue Growth needle.