Strife on the board

I have noticed some recent Strife on this board.

I have to admit that I was slightly offended at first when I was scolded.
I have now been here for 5 months or so, and have read all the papers on the right side of the board.

This make it possible for me to guess what is going on.

This is not like other boards.

On other boards, posting is appreciated.

What I gathered is that at first there were not that many posters, so bad posts were not an issue.
The board has become so successful, that there are so many posts, that it is hard to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

We have a very good thing here. These are among the best discussions about stocks, I have ever seen.
The off topic, and short posts clearly are annoying Saul and the Assistant Board managers.

Do we really want to damage a great resource?

I have resigned myself that I don’t have the time to research companies well enough to meet their standards. Unless you are willing to carefully follow the Monday morning rules, I recommend that you consider this like a blog, and use it as read only.

If I get scolded for this being an off topic post, I can live with it.

This post is meant to try an alleviate a tense situation.


I Rarely if ever post on the board.

I came to the self realization that I have my lane as we all do and my lane is very different from this boards expertise. I start companies, I create brands, I know what I’m successful at and what I have a gift at.

Analyzing company balance sheets is not one of them, understanding tech is not one of them. So better to just read the board then post.

I do think that the board will always have this issue come up though and because it is in constant motion, it’s really a trust issue that everyone will follow the rules. That goes with more seasoned, known posters as well.

Example. There is a thread on the board today about Cramer and his idea on a concentrated portfolio, which really is portfolio management, which to my knowledge is OT.

I think it would be more consistent if it was pointed out to more veteran posters when their posts and threads are OT as well as newer posters. It’s confusing if one group of posters are aloud to go OT, but at the same time if an unknown poster started a thread about Cramer’s thoughts on a concentrated portfolio and portfolio management they would be scolded from a few different directions.

Just my 2 cents. Back to reading the great work and analysis on here.


Having followed this board for several years, I wouldn’t consider anything going on here “strife” or a “tense situation”. People getting called out for OT posts is what is supposed to happen in order to keep such a popular board focused and valuable. If those people choose to leave and not visit this board anymore, fine. If they choose to be more careful about what they post (and use other wonderful TMF boards for OT posts) or just read this board, that’s great. If they choose to contribute to the board with well thought out analyses and evaluations of companies or pertinent news relating to them, that’s amazing!

Some posts are more OT than others. Some are easy to identify as against the rules and get called out quickly. Others are allowed to go for a few replies and just die out if they don’t linger, but eventually will get stopped when clearly off course.

I’m sure the moderators sometimes have days when they are on the boards and quick to respond and others when they are living their lives and might miss a post or two that would otherwise be called out. I don’t think anyone is trying to be unfair to some people and not others but nobody is getting paid to mod this board. They donate their time and for that I am grateful. The Cramer post is a good example of something that shouldn’t have been posted here (As Saul has made clear that putting “OT” in your topic name doesn’t make it ok). If that thread went on, it would have been stopped but seems like it has died off, so probably best to just leave it and not clutter up the board further.

As long as this board is popular and our companies and investments are successful, there will be new people that get a bit too eager and post something OT and get directed to the KB and rules. We try to limit that by posting the Monday morning rules but some people will always miss that. Unfortunately, other people will think that just because this is a free public message board, they should be allowed to post whatever they want.

Sometimes people will get upset. Nobody should have to apologize for doing what they can to keep this board from getting cluttered and making it more useful. People were getting called out five years ago and two years and hopefully, with some luck, this board will contribute to thrive five and ten years from now when there will continue to be OT posts that need to get called out. By that point hopefully many of us will be rich and retired on a beach somewhere thanks to the successes we’ll have, in no small part due to this board and the ideas it provides.

Thank goodness we have Saul and great mods and others that jump in from time to time to keep this board as focused as we can. It will never be perfect but I love that it is open and free so anyone can follow and choose to participate (on-topic), continually making the board a more and more valuable resource and community as we receive more and more amazing people with different knowledge sets, expertise, and experiences.

Thanks to all those that make this place so great



What’s the link for the tinker slack board?