Stubborn Dirt

I have a rental property that is being put up for sale. I have gotten it into very good shape, but two things stubbornly persist to not improve. I would appreciate suggestions if you have them.

I have access Friday morning from 8-9:30, before the tours start. Tours will be from 8-6 Friday, Saturday, Sunday with contracts reviewed Tuesday. With tenants gone for the weekend, I can work on the property after the last tour. Delaying listing is not an option due to tenants’ schedules and critical time in our local market.

  1. Blackened caulk in tub. Grout is fine, but caulk has black areas, again. Worst case scenario I can replace it after the first day of tours on Friday, but currently tenants are on night shift and I have no access to the house. (Yes, legally I do, but I won’t put them out more than necessary.) I had replaced the caulk when we moved out 3 years ago, scrubbing down the area with bleach after removing and before putting new caulk down. In my search for ways to improve the black caulk, I read that I should have used vinegar, not bleach, to kill mold spores. Any truth to that?

I read ammonia is good to use, and can try that Friday night. (Tenants are gone for the weekend of blitz tours.) Any experience with this? Would the caulk still be stained even if the spores were killed by the ammonia?

I tried Scrubbing Bubbles, twice, which had worked well on our home tub, and it did improve it a bit, but not great. I tried gel bleach, which seemed to do nothing. Any ideas?

  1. Glass stovetop crud.

Minimized the 2 year build up with vinegar/baking soda/hot wet towel, scraping with scratch free pad. Improved, but not perfect, which is my preferred state, and the state these tenants received it in. One of the selling points of this home is the kitchen. We are asking a price that surprised me, and yes, it needs to be as close to perfect as possible. Also kept water on stove top while oven was in clean mode, which gets the water steaming hot, and then scraped again. Marginally better. Any ideas?


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Have you tried a mildewcide? The cleaning section of home improvement stores have a variety of them.…

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I used Concrobium on the CMU walls of my basement, after powerwashing (yes, I powerwashed indoors, and yes that was a mess). Surprisingly, it didn’t cause the black stuff to fade. It did, apparently, either kill or seal it, because after that I painted (first with Drylok, then with 2 coats of typical wall paint), and it looked good for at least a year after that (I’ve since sold the house).

However, OP wants to get rid of the black stuff, so Concrobium would be part of a too-long process. Maybe one of the other mildewcides might work.