having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so

My UPST purchases this week:

1/17     $109.18
1/19     $104.95
1/20     $114.27 (head fake FOMO)
1/20     $105.87
1/21     $101.41
1/21     $ 98.99 (blue light special on aisle 22)
1/21     $ 95.98 (clearance bin at TJ Max)

Historical data:

March 2020     -12.6% month over month
March 2021     - 5.5% month over month
January 2022   -22.7% month over month

Currently 48.8% below all time high.
Currently +44% in actual $'s from March 2020
Currently +65% adjusted for RMD's from March 2020.

I don't think I have ever  been cut in half, even 2001,2008/2009, or....


I don’t think I have ever been cut in half, even 2001,2008/2009, or…


UPST is your nemesis, no doubt.

Feels like how ESTC was to me. Kept my interest with a few pops here and there. Numbers always indicated stock should skyrocket “soon”. And then it got crippled in a massive drawdown (Covid March 2020 drop).

Ironically, the pre-covid price to ESTC was about $73 or so. Which isn’t too far off prices in early 2019, and it popped to $100, showing the potential, peaking about July 26th or so in 2019. And that was going to be my big winner in 2020. Covid turned it into a broken toy.

ESTC then zoomed up to $160 or something stupid in 2021. My original goal was $70 to $120, I think for 2020.

ESTC today? Low $80s. Holy zamboni, batman.
Don’t even get me started on IQ. At least I made a killing on that one. Practically a penny stock.

Good ol’ TTD breached $60 today, I think. If that gets into $40s, I would be paying attention.

I feel for ya, KC.


I am not alone. From Bert today, commenting on last week’s results:

The market for high-growth shares stabilized a bit on Friday, but overall, our high-growth portfolio lost 6% and its index value now stands at 87. That’s a 37% drop from the peak value of the portfolio that was reached in early November.

So the somewhat-value-oriented Bert was down 37% from ATH a week ago.

KC, 15% cash

DW is 33% cash. I think it is time to put most of that into the market.

She is down 29.7% from her ATH and she has 23 positions including restaurants, OKE and SPG. Starbucks was up yesterday, a pixel of green.