Stuck and Can't Get Back?

Over on the Paid side, I somehow screwed things up. As I type this on the Free side, I am typing on the left side and to the right it shows me how it will look when I am done. That was how it worked on the Paid side too, until I did Something. Now I compose there in a floating window, without the preview.

I have tried every control and haven’t been able to get back to the way it was. Can someone please tell me how to get back to the non-floating, preview-to-the-right configuration? Thanks for anyone’s help.

Not sure about the part about a floating window, but there should be a button (image) in the lower right corner for enabling/disabling the preview pane.

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I think Raylight has it - you accidentally clicked the double arrows in the bottom right of the preview pane to close it. Click the two arrows pointing right in the ‘floating window’ and you should get the preview again.



Thanks, everyone. All I know is that it ended up back to normal before I could try any of your advice. Shrug.