Substantial Progress Regarding Zoom Security

Mahalo for all of the great info being shared. Here’s another one of my “two-cents worth deposit” for this board. It seems like Zoom is not only putting out the window dressing with the opening up of various R&D facilities throughout the country, but also putting solidifying the foundation and walls of its house. Moving as they have regarding encryption will certainly greatly alleviate concerns many would have in using the Zoom platform for personal and commercial purposes.

My apologies if someone else had mentioned this in the past few days.

90-Day Security Plan Progress Report: June 3
JUNE 3, 2020 BY ZOOM

As we continue on our 90-day plan to improve the security and privacy of our platform, this week’s “Ask Eric Anything” webinar focused on recent product security updates, including the successful rollout of Zoom 5.0 and GCM encryption for every free and paid Zoom account.

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan was joined by Zoom CPO Oded Gal for this week’s session. Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson; Lea Kissner, former Global Lead of Privacy Technology at Google who is consulting with Zoom on privacy and encryption; Max Krohn, Head of Security Engineering at Zoom; and Lynn Haaland, Zoom Deputy General Counsel, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, joined for the Q&A session.


“One of the most impactful changes we’ve made to date is Zoom 5.0, which supports AES 256-bit GCM encryption, one of the most secure encryption standards used today. This encryption was enabled system-wide on May 30 and is now available to all users — free and paid.”…