Summerland Key: Redbeard Nabbed

This cowardly #FloridaMan is so stupid he steals his roomates parrot AND leaves the “stressed and injured bird” at a bus stop where numerous passersby saw him and the bird earlier? If he has a modicum of smarts, this sadistic little twit should use them to decide not to come back to Summerland Key. This story has already crossed the Cocoanut Telegraph and the guys drinking on the porch of the nearby convenience store yesterday were the ones asking me if I knew this punk? I told them no, so I had to come home and look him up online. Mr. Tough Guy did a bad thing picking on a bird. He’s on the radar of some very p.o.ed animal lovers in my neck of the woods. Grrrrrrrrrr.

MSN headline: Florida Keys ‘Redbeard’ Stole Roommate’s $1,800 Pet Parrot: Sheriff…

Peters, also known as “Redbeard” on Summerland Key, is accused of stealing the 37-year-old woman’s eclectus parrot named Piper.


Other witnesses also saw a man later identified as Peters with the red parrot, which appeared to be “stressed and agitated,” the sheriff’s office said.

The bird was returned to its owner and taken to a veterinarian, where it was found to have suffered multiple broken bones, a dislocated hip, blunt force trauma to one side of its body and other injuries, authorities said.