FYI, I opened a small position with SUNW on July 18th at $2.54
It’s up about 28% since then.

It is probable that the future growth of solar is going to be huge.
This little company might do well. We shall see.




That’s cool. Glad to hear you say it’s a small position. This tiny company’s earnings are exploding, but its size makes it very volatile. I very much look forward to the next couple quarters. The one analyst who tracks them is predicting 24.3M in revenue and 5 cents in earnings next week when they report. That would be 121% growth in sales. Let’s hope it’s even better than that!


From Charles Schwab:

Current Quarter vs. Prior Year:
For the second quarter 2016, analysts estimate SUNW will earn $0.05 non-GAAP per share, verses prior year 2nd quarter -$.01