Supernova service question

I just wanted to solicit the group to get an idea of how many were using the Supernova service. I’m currently a Rule Breaker service member only and looking seriously at joining Supernova. This would be a fairly big investment in this service, so any opinions would be appreciated as well.


I subscribe to MF One which includes Supernova. I must admit that I use RB and SA the most.


I only subscribe to SA and RB, which are cheap.

Up until a couple of months ago or so ago, I thought you had to be a MF member to access this board, but I guess it’s public?

I subscribe to Supernova (and RB and SA), but I consider the ranking in usefulness:

  1. RB
  2. SA
  3. Supernova

And supernova is somewhat of a distant third. It’s still a wait and see, but I may consider dropping SN at some point.

Hi AD,
I am also a member of One, but I follow Supernova Odyssey most closely. Their style pretty much matches my own which gives me a good comfort level.


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I’m a One member now. I started with SA and RB and joined Supernova later. Their multi-year discount was about what the full-price renewals for SA and RB would have been. So I figure I got the Supernova portfolios “for free” (assuming I couldn’t get discounted rates for renewing SA and RB).

I find Supernova helpful in narrowing down the list of SA and RB picks. They have limited capital (though Odyssey 1 adds regularly), which means they have to be a bit more choosey. If one of the Supernova services picks a stock I’m not familiar with, I give it a look.

The Explorer 1 mission is interesting. They basically pick four stocks per month according to a theme, then do extra investigation and end up voting for the one they think is the best in that category. I appreciate the extra research, and seeing which ones are overwhelming winners vs. close calls.

Phoenix 1 is now transitioning to pulling money out on a regular basis, as would someone in retirement living off their investments. Odyssey 1 just did a “recapitalization” where they sold full or partial stakes in several positions to raise cash to buy better choices. In both cases, picking what to sell (and why) is helpful education to me.

The Supernova teams tend to publish a recap of how they came to their decisions each month. I like that “behind the scenes” insight into why they made a particular choice.

I also found it interesting how Odyssey 1 classifies their stocks into three groups (from bigger and more stable, to smaller and more volatile). I hadn’t been thinking in those terms before. But you certainly don’t need to subscribe for just that one detail.

Trying to follow the Supernova real-money portfolios seems challenging. Unless your initial funds and biweekly additions have similar proportions to their portfolio, you’re going to have a tough time mirroring them. If you’re not mirroring their allocations, then the specific buys and sells make less sense (since part of the decision relates to allocation to a particular stock). You could simply use them as a filtered, condensed stream of recommendations.

If you’re trying to mirror a real-money portfolio, Pro or MDP seems like an easier choice. They’re not adding money regularly; if you are, then you can just keep averaging into their positions as you add money.




Your post got me to look…I don’t see how if one is an RB and SA member they get SN for free?

SA 199
RB 299


The SN offer is 4K/5 years, 800/year. So 1500$ more total. Could certainly be worth it, I don’t know, but not free for sure.


Your post got me to look…I don’t see how if one is an RB and SA member they get SN for free?

Prices must have changed since I joined. I think it was $2500 for 5 years. And that might have only applied to people who signed up right away.


Greetings, AD,

I know your question about the services and the differences and value is of interest to lots of folks. It’s a pretty personal decision.

I do want to point out that TMF offers a 30 day no questions asked refund policy when you subscribe, so you could check out any of the services and then make the decision.

Fool On!
Explorer SuperNaut
(and thanks for the kind words above about Explorer)

Your post got me to look…I don’t see how if one is an RB and SA member they get SN for free?

SA 199
RB 299

A week or so ago, I cancelled my subscription to MDP. At that time, all of the newsletters services were $49/yr. So, with the money I got back from MDP, i subscribed to 3 years of SA, 2 years of RB, 1 year of IV and I have enough left over that I could subscribe to another service.


Great feedback. I really appreciate all the input. Thanks a bunch.



I didn’t see that offer. It is still available for RB and SA? My SN subscription expires in 2015 and I’m considering dropping SN but want to keep RB and SA. Thanks.


Call member services. I have found that when I call them, they normally tell me a better price than what the website shows.


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What service is the IV you mention in a previous post?


IV stands for Inside Value.

IV is Inside Value.

You might want to try a free 30 day trial to see if you like it.