Supreme Court takes case on content policing

The Supreme Court is scrutinizing online content moderation. Maybe that explains the movement to this new platform. (The Portfolio123 Forum migrated to a similar platform last month. Coincidence or common legal advice?) This decision could affect many companies beyond Google.

Supreme Court takes case on content policing: “The lawsuit against Google, the parent company of YouTube, alleges that YouTube recommended ISIS recruitment videos to users. The case centers on whether Section 230 protects online platforms from legal liability when it comes to their recommended content. If the high court rules in favor of Google, it would formally extend legal immunity to the algorithms at the heart of many social media products and search engines; but if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiff, the decision could expose the platforms to a raft of new legal vulnerabilities and produce major changes, legal experts told ABC News.”

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Congress can get involved either way. The push is for editorial powers for online entities. Meaning their need to be responsible for the content. That is no surprise.

Google might be defending itself and still want the editorial powers. It is not simple or binary.