Surgeons Transplant Pig Kidney Into a Patient, a Medical Milestone

If there’s a paywall, the important thing to know is that surgeons have successfully transplanted a pig kidney into a human patient for the first time, raising the possibility of replacing dialysis with kidney transplants. This is big because there’s a massive shortage of kidneys available for a rather large waitlist.

TMDX is currently trialing its kidney OCS which may still take a few years but I imagine they’ll be highly interested in the ramifications of this milestone. I would think this means the kidney market just got a lot bigger for TMDX if the pieces continue to fall in the right place.

I’m no expert in medical science so I welcome more enlightened people to weigh in on what this means for TMDX and the kidney transplant market.


I’m not so sure.

The value that $TMDX adds is making longer-term storage of an organ feasible.

Thus $TMDX is MORE valuable the LONGER the organ needs to be stored, and vice-versa: if the organ does not need to be stored for long, then $TMDX is less relevant.

If pig kidneys are proven out and widely accepted as replacements for human kidneys, I imagine the relevant logistics will evolve such that a pig kidney is always readily available via strategically located distribution centers. That will REDUCE the amount of time the kidney needs to be stored, and will thus make $TMDX less relevant.

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Ditto for when organs are successfully grown and implanted from stem cells.

Will AI accelerate that process? Seems like it could. How long before there’s a digital twin of the human body that could predict points of failure in an organ transplant?

How long before I’m signing a waiver to create a digital twin of MY OWN body to test such things?

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First of all, anything that potentially saves more lives is a positive development.

From a business standpoint however, kidneys aren’t even an organ TMDX has approval for yet (though I guess some of this reaction might depend on how much potential kidney TAM is built in to today’s price). And not to sound morbid, but the patient from the first successful pig heart transplant in 2022 unfortunately survived only two months while a second recipient in September 2023 survived six weeks. That leaves pig organs as far from a proven alternative to this point.

Regardless, this doesn’t look like any type of material threat during the time where TMDX can show whether or not it can potentially corner this market, especially on longer range transplants. That is a more likely catalyst of the where the stock goes for the foreseeable future.


I’m sure this is not relevant, but an interesting side note here is that 25% of the pigs in the US are owned by the Chinese company that purchased Smithfield.