Switching back to ICE

Or ‘EV euphoria’ as Goffyhoofy put it. At any rate, high rates of regret slows down the penetration rate of EVs.


What amuses me is the huge amount of money USian and EU automakers have poured in to EVs, while some of the Japanese CEOs were skeptical. “JCs” pull down ther $20-$30M/year for being smarter than the rest of us, but I have never seen evidence of their superiority.


There was certainly a lot of discussion here about Akio Toyoda’s preference for hydrogen over EVs. He was eventually pushed out of office at Toyota back at the beginning of 2023.


People in apartments should not buy electric cars unless they have their own garage.

Or can charge at work
Or have a convenient fast charger nearby
Or have an outdoor carport with chargers.
Or are wanna-be reporters writing about the negatives of EV ownership.




The Chicago charging story last winter was the heads up. It makes it difficult for cities whole sale to convert to EVs.