Okay, if not obvious, I am a bit more on the novice end of investment analysis. I can and do look at the basic set of number that are broadcast in bold for the quarterly earnings press releases. I keep up with the news and keep records. However, I don’t really take the time, and therefore don’t know how, to breakout some of the other costs/factors/intangibles that effect the bottom line EPS. So I appeal to others here still interested and in the know regarding Synaptics.

The quarter and year look very good. The outlook stated by the corporate officers reads great. The EPS had a slowdown (only for the quarter, not the year), but revenue sure didn’t. I am long SYNA and from what I understand will and should remain so. They sold off hard AH and have come back to even. From what I read and understood, it was an irrational market reaction and a rational investor’s buying opportunity. Someone updated kevin’s illustrious spreadsheet before me, and the data analysis there still rings positive.

What ‘extras’ caused the EPS shortfall? reasonable or unreasonable? Can another Fool enlighten me and board with their deeper better ananlysis?

future looks touchy feely to me, i say it’s a keeper,