Synaptics down

Synaptics is down on a rumor (which may be correct for all I know), that they lost a design win to STM for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. There has been no actual official announcement by anyone, just a “report” from a prominent business intelligence company called OTR Global.


Here’s my news feed from Schwab:

Synaptics lower on reported Note 4 design loss to STMicro • 10:17 AM

OTR Global reports Synaptics has lost the touchscreen controller slot for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 to STMicroelectronics.

Synapitcs has the touch controller slot for the Note 3, and both the touch controller and fingerprint sensor slots for the Galaxy S5. High-volume Samsung design wins have contributed heavily to the company’s strong mobile growth over the last two years.


By the way, I’m sure that Samsung feels they can’t give everything to one supplier, which would make them too vulnerable, and that they have to keep at least two suppliers on board. Just in case!


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