Talking hard drives some 20 years ago

Why talk hard drives? Well there are all these floods in Florida and hard drives can get damaged.

Back 20 years ago a friend of mine owned one and a half pizza restaurants with his partner owned the other one and a half restaurants in the small three shop chain. They decided to sell the third shop. So my friend began to work in the third shop to ready it for sale. True to the restaurant business not everyone was being paid legally.

One night a driver did not come back. My friend called the police. The kid was brought in and he told the police he was paid under the table. My friend now was in serious trouble with the state.

He got some advise about the computer cash register. Revert to the old way of doing business. Get rid of the computer put it into storage.

One day I am in the shop picking up a grinder. We call them grinders in CT. He is on the phone with an ever expanding grin on his face. It was the state of CT. He got off the phone and told me what was going on. Then he said, “I gave the state the computer. Imagine the hard drive was missing”. His smile broadening.

The state later made up a figure and he paid $20k to the state.