TAM more on TAM

I don’t think I got through to anyone last time I posted.

I have started watching Bollywood movies. They are like movies from the 1950’s and 60’s. Nobody gets murdered, and the tension is two young people falling in love.


Music is cool too.

The last one I watched was very interesting as everyone had a smart phone.

I know about phones. I know what it takes to make them talk.

What does it take? It takes less. The cost to communicate is plummeting. Plummeting so much so that the first thing a young person in a village with no electicity and no running water in deepest darkest Africa is a smart phone. And they get them.

The smart phone drives data. It pours data in like an apocalyptic flood. With the cost falling the demand increases. . . a lot.

I submit that whatever we think the TAM is for data storage (PURE) and data mining (TLND)and data transmission (ANET) and data processing (NVDA) it is bigger than that.

Jeff Beck Imeda May “Hold that Tiger”



Great memories…and my type of music. The Iridium Jazz Club. LP played there every week. Legend.
Still going I believe as is Ronnie Scott’s in Soho London. Met many greats there over the years including Ella, and Buddy Rich who played drums using match sticks.