Target joins Affirm

Target (TGT) is teaming up with Affirm (AFRM) and Sezzle for the holiday season, becoming the latest retailer to jump on the buy-now-pay-later trend popular with younger shoppers.…


A couple of weeks ago, when I was daydreaming about UPST and AFRM working together, I had begun that reverie by wondering what other big retailers were left that AFRM could partner with. Target was the first one I thought of and I went to Target’s site to see if they already had a BNPL option. They did. Sezzle.

I don’t know anything about Sezzle, but today’s announcement that Target has added AFRM to the mix says to me that Affirm has added value that Sezzle could not provide.

Here is a site that compares basic metrics on the two: It appears that Sezzle is no slouch, but with Affirm focusing on partnerships with large companies, it seems clear that Sezzle has a lot to worry about. Affirm is eating their lunch with the largest customers.