TB Acquisition Unit

What a dreary, rotten, horrible, really really bad market day!

Used the carnage to open 15% level TBs in DDOG, SNOW and ZS (Yes I know some folks are fleeing ZS before they report and if I had a lick of good sense I might flee also to) and 10% level TBs in S and CRWD.

I am using, and have been using, the rule of…"If a STARTER tanks -3% or more on no news other than dastardly Bear raiders AND its most recent ER report features solid fundamentals AND I look both ways before stepping off the curb AND the account has funds - then perhaps maybe TBs, may or may not, be applicable, appropriate and/or warranted as outlined completely in my new TB Rules Book titled, The TB Rules Book. (It’s actually more of a single page double spaced sort of thing but, to be fair, theres not a lot of content needed to explain the delicate machinations of TB Profit Amplification Strategy. (TBAS)

Just another forlorn day in Paradise!

All the Best,