Tech wages soaring

… I still think it’s preferable to be an early retired engineer enjoying the much lower tax rates gifted to the leisure class, but it’s good to see my working brethren making bank.

Soaring Demand Drives Tech Wages Ever Higher…

There is a certain sector of tech jobs that really, really is fierce competition, particularly, cloud computing, data science, modeling, machine learning. So that predictive modeling that you get from these big algorithmic programs that people write. Cloud architects are seeing salary increases of 25% from around the pandemic to now. And you’re seeing software engineers go up a little bit less.

And Cisco systems said that it was an increase of between five and 10% over the past year. And so, you’re not quite seeing that 50% increase that we’re seeing in some companies, but it does lend to the idea that companies are evaluating how much they feel they need to increase salaries in order to remain competitive.

Luke Vargas: Yeah. We’ll see if those five and 10% increases are enough to retain the talent that those big companies need.