Terrible reporting + a brief respite

The headline says
SoCal container ship queue evaporates amid Lunar New Year slowdown

The queue did not evaporate. In the midst of Lunar Year celebrations, the container ship back-up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach went from 109 => 78.

That’s not an evaporation. Strictly speaking, Zero ships in the queue would be evaporation. I would accept 10-15 container vessels waiting to unload as something closer to “evaporation”.


This is a freakin’ REPRIEVE from “Da Tiger”. In a week or so, the sector will start picking up again. Are Los Angeles-Long Beach ports ready for the new build-up of container vessels?


I’ll be in Long Beach port tomorrow. As long as I don’t run out of fingers, I can count ships :slight_smile:



Unless you have a stack of foam fingers around, you will probably run out of digits.

My shipping names have been good to me this week - even the ones I sold early :wink:

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