Tesla customers taking advantage of Texas dysfunction

Battery chemistry is improving rapidly. I believe Musk’s statement predates Tesla’s adoption of LFP batteries for all but performance models. LFP can be charged fully to 100% without degradation.

The Captain

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I’d like to buy a Model Y with LFP. As far as I know, the only model sold in the USA with LFP is the RWD Model 3. Nice car. Doesn’t suit our needs.

I am not a battery chemistry expert at all. From the little I’ve read, LFP also degrades, but perhaps a little differently than other chemistries degrade. Not only can LFP be charged to 100%, they MUST be charged to 100% at least once a week for optimum battery health according to Tesla.

Also, for the other chemistries, it isn’t solely charging to 100% (or allowing it to reach near 0%) that causes degradation. Degradation occurs as a natural process regardless.