Text Messages Delayed in Arriving

I sent my boss a text as she was at JoAnn’s depleting our estate. Anyway later I was having lunch and she came home and her phone dinged. It was my text that I sent at least half an hour ago. What’s the deal? iPhone 13 to iPhone 13. This happened a couple of days ago as well.

I’ve seen it for short delays, and heard about it for longer delays. Poking around in google came up with very little.

One point that came up repeatedly was that messages is handled by the carrier(s), so talk to them.

You both are on iPhones. I know from experience that messaging among iPhones differs somehow from that between iPhone and Android. I found something that only added a little to that.

If you’re using iMessage or MMS, you need a WiFi or cellular connection to receive texts on your iPhone. For SMS messages, you need a strong cellular network connection.

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Same thing happens to me. Sometimes the texts appear instantly (I occasionally text a link to my wife at the dinner table),e and sometimes they take up to 20 minutes to arrive.

Today I had a slew of them arrive from the BIL in Boston on my iPad, but not my phone. An hour later I rebooted the phone and oops, they all showed up.

Verizon and iOS, it’s all weird.