Thanks from the new lurkers

I’m a new member and am down about 46% from November, 36% for this year. Do I wish I hadn’t found this board? Absolutely not. I’ve found a style that I find fascinating and amazing companies to follow which I believe in the long term will pay off in market beating returns. I could of course be wrong, but evidence is on our side. Valuation and earnings are the driver of stock price in the short term, revenue growth over the long term.

I’ve been really surprised to see all the “suggestions” for board changes recently, as Saul’s analogy would go, why would you go to a French restaurant and suggest they make cheeseburgers. Sure, they’re also popular and reliable, but its just not what that restaurant specializes in. I think there’s a real risk that the generous board moderators throw in the towel and stop monitoring and we’re left with a poor version of Twitter.

Recently is seems as if they have a bunch of broken clocks in their house yelling I TOLD YOU SO twice a day.

Most of the criticisms have also been baseless. I’ve been lurking for less than a year and have seen plenty of valuation discussions within the board rules, here’s a small few:…………

Whether you agree with the assumptions or not is subjective but when detailed analysis is provided, great debates have followed. Its just not a board for general valuation discussion and is not the primary driver for company investment selection using this style. The Monday rules of the board are not that complicated.

In more general terms this is also a Motley Fool board. Based on his latest podcast David Gardner is also down over 40% but he’s as optimistic as ever. If I could generate over 20 years of a 20% plus CAGR I’d be happy too and if this volatility is the price to pay I’m happy to pay it for my long term future.

I want to thank all the board moderators and key contributors on behalf of us general lurkers who are here to learn. Please keep doing what you’re doing.