The American Dream

It doesn’t exist anymore, not for some anyway

I thought that Venezuela was a basket case!

Is this just an isolated incident or are conditions for all unskilled labourers getting worse?

It’s November in Chicago. Not the place you want to be living on the street, or in a car/shack.



Wait wait wait…
From the article:

Exhibit A) Fed-up migrants who trekked thousands of miles to US already heading home: ‘American Dream doesn’t exist’

And why does Mr Castejon think we owe him some dream? That all he has to do is come here and poof! dream come true! It’s like he, and by extension many others, ain’t even trying but they like to cast aspersions.

Exhibit B) disheartened asylum seekers

Which are they? Freewheeling gad-abouts just living a life of migration? Or are they asylum seekers? What is their problem that they need to seek asylum?

Man, what passes for journalism today!


Looks like the immigration system does work, it just takes a little time for it to take affect.


Immigrants have to work hard and smart as hell to make the dream come true. Else they get nightmares.

The Captain, son of Immigrants


We all are son’s and daughters of Immigrants.



Yes, I love that use of the language. “Fed up migrants.” Like what da … thing I can’t say here!? Migrants. Asylum seekers. They sample the free buffet and get fed up ‘cause it doesn’t suit their refined tastes and lofty expectations. “Fed up”? What if some here were “fed up” with refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and whatever else standard media in-vogue lexicography finds advantageous to call them? Hmmmm… I can’ think of word…

It’s the same in the UK. The people smugglers ‘sell the dream’ about free everything and some get a bit upset when we don’t deliver. These migrants were protesting outside a London hotel about not having private rooms:

If I had been in charge I would have closed the hotel and left them on the pavement.


Right and then that causes all sorts of other problems.


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Not just “people smugglers.” When I got my German passport an acquaintance, a multilingual lawyer, assured me that when I went to Germany I would get all sorts Social benefits. I disagreed saying that since I had never paid into the German Social Security system I had no right to any benefits. He insisted saying that he had been to Europe multiple times and that this was the case. I went to the German embassy to find out. I was right. But I asked what do you do with the homeless? The lady said that if they had less that 5,000€ they would get a pittance. With a smile I assured her I had more than 5,000€. Ignorance is quite common.

It’s great to be self reliant! You know where you stand.

The Captain


Taking a firm stand against migrants who abuse our hospitality might do some good. We just keep making concession after concession and that causes a lot of other problems.

Richard Tice is the leader of the Reform Party and has an amusing video of himself interviewing migrants outside the hotel complaining about small rooms (it is Central London)
and poor wifi:

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To get back to the OP.

In the UK new immigrants usually struggle in low paid jobs. They tend to live in poor areas where the schools are not too good:

Children from immigrant families in the UK face “significant challenges” in schools which are among the most socially segregated in the developed world, a major annual report has found.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), children from immigrant as well as poorer backgrounds are more likely to be clustered in disadvantaged schools than their counterparts in other countries such as France, Sweden and the Netherlands.

However, they tend to overcome the disadvantaged schools and do well:

Children of immigrants living in England are more likely to enter higher education and get a degree than their peers who do not come from an immigrant background, according to a report.

While the immigrants themselves do not add much to the economy their children certainly do!

I’ve a relative who is a teacher in an inner city area who confirms that this is still the case.


Considering that the PM is pushing a scheme to ship all the immigrants to Rwanda, might these pieces be artfully edited to make the locals resent them, and support the PM’s scheme?


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I hadn’t heard this first one before…The second song is perhaps the most famous Irish piece of modern music.

The second song is a Christmas song. Sure now

We’re doing songs again?

Alrighty. I first heard this one on the radio in my 70 Cougar, as I drove down Stadium Drive in Kazoo, sometime in 75.

It’s the New York Post. They don’t do journalism.


Almost nobody does journalism anymore, it’s all entertainment.

CNN broke news beginning in the early 1980s.

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Fortunately, in the US that percentage is low - no worse than the percentage of Americans abusing the system.


In the UK the government doesn’t provide ‘hospitality’ to UK citizens - we pay taxes for what we get.

The US has the same problem that we have in the UK:

That’s a bit cynical. There’s still plenty of good journalism out there. But you can’t just assume that every bit of news out there is good journalism. Like everything else, you have to be a careful consumer of news content and engage your brain when watching or reading.

Many news outlets (which definitely includes any of the 24 hour news channels) freely mix opinion with news and aren’t all that good about highlighting the difference. Back in the day, most TV news was pretty good about telling you when the news anchor or guest was giving an editorial. Today, they segue between the two with little or no distinction.

Which just emphasizes my point - you have to think when you watch or read news these days. It what I’m consuming news or editorial/opinion?