The Biscuit Eaters Double Derby

Back in the day I thought Essie’s biscuits were to my breakfast palate as the Mona Lisa is to the Louvre. Special and deserving a place of honor. Get em while they were hot - slice em in the middle and slather on some real butter - sprinkle in just the right amount of cinnamon and there you go: heaven on earth. Why Essie’s biscuits were almost a meal unto themselves and not much like those puny modern biscuits. If you didn’t get there early, which meant promptly at 6:45 AM you’d miss out as just about everyone else thought much the same. Sadly, those days are past and truth is that most folks just don’t spend much time thinking about biscuits anymore.

Now days folks make those canned store bought biscuits and have no idea what a real work of art a really good biscuit is: My favorite has always been the Campfire Biscuit made in a steel pot hung over an open fire. Been years though and ended when my group decided they had had enough deer hunting to last a bit. But - I surely have been thinking about it. In fact, there is a little turnout at the crossroads not far from our home and I have been thinking about setting up there in the mornings when people are rushing off to work. No telling how much money me and my iron skillet could make peddling hot campfire biscuits. Bet I could clear $3-4 bucks a day - easy. Here is a pretty good recipe for Campfire Biscuits:…

Here is a nice how-too video:

Now…after watching that and trying it a few times at home yourself you can probably find a convenient turnout and start your very own Campfire Biscuit Kitchen and bring home $3-4 bucks a day. Be aware that there are two potential problems with setting up your very own Campfire Biscuit Kitchen: 1) If traffic sales are slow you might be inclined to eat the biscuits yourself; and, 2) Your local food permit government entity will not look kindly on your enterprise. Be all that aside, once you actually perfected your biscuits you could throw in coffee and really make a killing - push your profit to maybe $5-6 a day. Wouldn’t that be something?

Note: Kooba the Stock Dog was a prodigious biscuit eater.

Moving on - what I really wanted to take on today was the Double Derby. The Double Derby represents my best guess at which companies have the best chances of doubling in the 2022 Trading Season. You are free to join in with your best guess but it will cost you. For each company you pick you are required to take one can of family size Dinty Moore Beef Stew to your local food bank. No substitutes! Although, a collection of the ingredients needed for a nice batch of 2 Alarm chili might work as well.

Now…odds are that this could just not be our year. Inflation and the FED could combine to throw cold water on Growth leaving those pesky value folks to scoop up all the profit this year. Could happen. Still…since hope springs eternal - and all that, I put the odds firmly in the 35.2% range that one of our companies will get all healthy on us, rebound, and soar to great heights. So - we’ll see I suppose.

Three companies that will Double this year:

  1. GLBE
  2. UPST
  3. SE

Three more Companies that MIGHT Double this year:

  1. DOCN
  2. FUBO
  3. FVRR

Three more companies that COULD Double this year:

  1. AFRM
  2. AI
  3. MELI

Note 2) If I were you I wouldn’t take any of this as any sort of 5 Star Gold Lock - just saying.

You can list your own sure fire Doublers but it will cost you as noted above.

All the Best,



10 (big spenders are we) Dinty Moore Beef Stews to one of our many local food banks. Its an appaLACHian trail thing?

When I explained the story behind our visit, the Pastor’s fav was APPS. He thought it sounded ‘local’. :slight_smile: He’s quite the ‘card’.

Beautiful, people there. And not in a jet-setter sort of way.

–Stay Free–

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Without stealing recipes (duplicate picks) I’ll share my recipe for a doubly buttery bread snack—


A theme in AI/ML to capitalize on the strong tailwind blowing out to left center.

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All good candidates so far.

The Dinty Moore Beef Stew recommendation dates back to a Teton camping trip whereby - after a 5-6 hour hike up to a remote camping area and after setting up camp - a newbie pulled out a can of Dinty Moore for his dinner. Had no can opener and we all had to share - a couple of us still give him hell about it.

So - we didn’t have much luck raising Dinty Moore but the truth is - especially for those of us blessed with excess - every little bit helps those in need.

All the Best,

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Life isn’t hard for most of us, but it is certainly a lot more complex than it used to be. With social media and the world at our fingertips I don’t think we experience quite as many “shared Dintu Moore” moments as we used to.

Thinking fondly on my own such memories I’m reminded of a ballad about the places A cowboy’s knife has been.…

Not so remotely along those lines I do have one more “2022 double” candidate to share. KLR is a CPaaS (like Twilio)— they seem to be finding expansion and growth in global markets, and appear grossly undervalued (1x sales)

Twilio announces earnings this week, and may shed more light on me sector before considering KLR.

Happy earnings season, Count your blessings and clean your blades.