The British Are Coming for Your White-Collar Job

When I worked for Exxon in London back in the early 1980’s they were paying me about triple what the natives were getting for the same job. Of course, I wasn’t getting 4 weeks of vacation either.


Nothing new under the sun department. The original Star Wars was largely shot in studios in the UK.


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One of the golfing guys where I live, we live on a golf course, is English. He is a better golfer than just about anyone out there. He can fade and cut the ball with ease. He plays six days a week. He has something like 15 FedEx trucks in his fleet. He gives the guys hell. LOL Very blunt which is English. The Americans do not know what to do with him. They keep losing their money to him.

The first invasion of NYC was by John Church, Alexander Hamilton’s brother-in-law. He was an insurance man with money the colonists had never seen before. He had a duel with Burr about five years before Burr killed Hamilton but in that duel, neither man wanted to kill the other.