The destruction of one pharmaceutical plant is a threat to US healthcare

An important Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in North Carolina was severely damaged on Wednesday after a powerful tornado ripped through the area, threatening production lines that normally provide huge amounts of medicine to U.S. hospitals.

More info in this AP story.


Fake. Like they don’t know how to repair it! They can fix it before any effects occur. They’re just trying to “break people in” to believing they “need” to raise prices due to a non existent shortage. And of course even when it’s repaired prices won’t come down because… of something they’ll think of later.


Silly. Of course they know how to repair a collapsed roof. They are saying there will be shortages until the roof and the damages to the manufacturing lines are repaired (and FDA inspections are done).



Certainly a good corporate citizen like Pfizer will be eligible for FEMA loans and grants to repair the roof.


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No. Read the words. My statement stands. My post was directed to the headline using the false consciousness inducing words “Long Term.” Nobody gives a hoot about short term shortages because they don’t mean anything. If there is a long term shut down it will be induced as a revenue enhancing business model. Like that character in Atlas Shrugged who blew up his own copper mines just to raise the price of copper. Just goes to show how little rand knew about business. Just raise the price. Or just SAY there was a mine explosion. It’s the same thing.