The Early Bird

I see the announcement that The boards are getting a new home!”, letting us know the long awaited software upgrade is coming in another week or so.

Since I am sure this will cause great consternation and criticism, I wanted to get my complaints in early, even though I have not seen what the ew format will look like or really know anything about it.

  1. Why isn’t the type bigger? And couldn’t we have more choice of fonts? There are times when I really want to use the Clown font.

  2. The ads are taking up too much space. How about selling an ad to an ad-blocker? That would make you some money!

  3. It doesn’t load fast enough. It’s barely faster than it used to be!

  4. Where is Search this time?

  5. Two of my Favorite Boards are missing. Oops, wait, there they are.

  6. I liked it better the old way. I’m old, and change is hard. I like typing HTML code, it take me back to my youth.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have ore complaints once I actually see the changes. So will everybody else, of course, so my only advice is to remember the slogan of Army General Vinegar” Joe Stillwell. And take it to heart.