The economics of Putin's war adding Belarus is now looking at a purge

In March 2019 the FSIN has a total prisoner population of 558,778, which included all pretrial detainees. This number makes up 0.4% of the population. Only 8% of prisoners are female, and juveniles make up 0.2%. The incarceration rate in 2018 was 416 per 100,000 people -wiki

How many inmates are in Russia?

With a prison population reaching over 400,000 inmates due to one of the highest rates of incarceration in the world, Russia’s Federal Penal Service provides a “unique human resource” to Russian leaders to use when volunteers remain in short supply, according to the report.Jan 16, 2023 -Kyiv Independent News


My comments

See the problem? KI might have slightly under counted but Moscow is using every convict available.

Some 80% of those convicts sent to the front line never get paid.

At some point the convicts run very low and Putin’s front line men which will be all of them will cost five times more.

Yes the Russian economy is doing okay. The Russian government is not paying much of the army.

Not to mention telling Russian mothers we are taking your boy to die no matter what or we will kill you as well.

Putin will run out of convicts faster yet if he starts this.