The future will certainly be different

From a Harris-Harvard CAPS poll taken in mid-December:

Do you think that Jews as a class are oppressors and should be treated as oppressors or is that a false ideology?

                18-24   25-34   35-44   45-54   55-64   65+
Oppressors       67%     44%     36%     24%     15%     9%
False ideology   33%     56%     64%     76%     85%    91%

Old saw

  • If at 20 you are not a Communist you have no heart
  • If at 40 you are a Communist you have no brains

Harris-Harvard CAPS poll, same distribution.

The Captain


And here’s me thinking that my Peter Attia podcast posts might be OT or considered not useful :thinking:


The black and white choices in the poll hide the awful lot of gray in the issue.

Makes the poll pretty useless.


But since the question is the same for everyone, it is informative on the differences by age.


Not really. Bad data doesn’t get better by stratifying it.


One can hope so, particularly if one is a Jew.



It’s one thing to see an impersonal poll and quite another to live the experience. Back in 1957 or '58 at MIT there was a presentation about the Holocaust, before the term was coined. A full house of students attended many carrying swastikas. That was before thin skinned people needed to be protected from the realities of life. The sight bothered me deeply but I went quietly to see the presentation.

It was about the concentration camps and they showed the pictures and films that General Eisenhower ordered to be made. Pictures of walking corpses and stacked up corpses.

On the way out there was not a single swastika to be seen and the jubilant demeanor of the students turned to serious introspection.

Or as Winston Churchill said, “Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else.”

There is value in exposing people to the ugly reaities of life.

The Captain