The Game Changer Stock 2014

Like my title? It’s my best Motley Fool attention grabbing spam way of getting you all together and see this stock I just started looking at and wonder why this hasn’t been discussed before?

The company is called Illumina, it is the company that makes the machines that Angelina Jolie used to get her genomes sequenced to see her probability in getting cancer like her mother who died very young. When she found out she had a high chance of getting breast cancer she had a Mastectomy before the fact.

In 2003 it would have cost 3 billion and take 13 years to make out a persons genome. Now with these Illumina machines it takes just 27 hours and $1000 dollars (wholesale not retail) to do in now. And Illumina is the arms dealer that makes these machines. I would like for you folks to watch this Cnbc analyst wax poetic of why this company will be worth in market cap what it is today. Do you own it? Let me know what you think?

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I bought ILMN in 2012 for around $50. I sold 1/2 earlier this year for $150 and the other 1/2 for $180.

Yes, DNA sequencing has gotten cheaper and it will be used increasingly in medicine (that is in clinical diagnostics and not just in research as it was before). However, I could no longer justify owning the stock because the price had gotten way to expensive. The P/E was >60. I really love the company as they dominate DNA sequencing with >90% market share, but I absolutely hate the valuation.



I own it for myself and another position for my daughter who is majoring in Biotechnology.

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