The Great Confluence and Satellites

The METAR is that satellite imagery is being democratized.

We’re all familiar with the WFH response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic:
“Zoom Meetings” is the poster child for a ‘service’ that emerged due to a confluence of technologies that had all been developed separately, but in a time of need, proved ready to handle the task.

Peloton, and other companies that reaped the benefits of the Covid Tailwind, via a confluence if their respective tech and general IT technologies.

Now, we’re seeing a similar confluence of technologies in the use of satellite imagery.

Here’s a TEDX from 2014 about Planet Labs PBC.

Planet Labs combines standard cell phone communications tech with standard cell phone camera tech with standard solar power tech with standard data analysis and data manipulation tech… the company is using off-the-shelf tech… along with perhaps the most important emerging tech - Machine Learning and AI.

In a confluential way.

Here is my favorite video explaining Planet Labs.
Planet Overview

Here’s a CNN clip, today, May 22, 2022, in which a CNN contractor uses PL info to monitor the Ukraine war. (It’s a bit macabre? Be aware?)
Satellite image leads to horrifying conclusion

My goal is to document the democratization of satellite imagery and data.

How does PL democratize satellite imagery?
By making really small inexpensive satellites, that are easily/cheaply deployed - the confluence with SpaceX reusable rockets, and the confluence with “dash board” data analysis, etc.

This confluence of all the above mentioned tech with the ease of use for lay people of the “dash board” environment is perhaps most democratizing?

Is PL the investment of a lifetime? Beats me.
I’m describing the TREND i see developing.
PL just happens to be the company that I’m using to illustrate that trend for SATELLITE data.

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ralph has stock in PLTR, aka Skynet, which is in the same space space. Still not investing advice.
Do your own DD.

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