The Great Taking - getting there a bit at a time

They are making plans:

Regulators must equip themselves with tools such as “bail-in” bonds to deal quickly with a failed clearing house for stocks, bonds or derivatives without having to call on taxpayers for cash, the G20’s risk watchdog said on Thursday.

They could already get most of the USA’s shares/stock very quickly:

Ask most people who ‘owns’ the US and it is unlikely that they will cite one tiny New York-based company.

Yet there are those who are convinced that a financial Institution called Cede and Company holds all the real power in the country and is the one really running it. The organization reportedly has assets worth an astonishing $54trillion and it has been able to acquire such figures due to owning 83% of all issued stocks in the US.

This happens because private investors don’t actually own the stock they believe they do. Instead, they have contractual rights that are part of a convoluted chain of rights, which all end up at Cede and Company.

Who said “You will own nothing and be happy”?

I own gold and silver and am very happy :slight_smile:


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Some people are just happy to find a conspiracy.

What is to stop anyone from just getting a stock certificate and putting it in a safe?



I’m not sure, but you might find it a bit difficult:

Cede-ing Ownership: Why (almost) All Publicly Traded Stock Belongs to One Company

I’m sure that it has not happened by accident :slight_smile:

Not at all your broker will give it to you if asked and you can go to the company but that is a hassle. My broker will fall all over themselves to give it to me if I ask.


So, they own 83% of all stock. What good does it do them?

I suspect then that most people think that they actually have legal title to their shares.

In a financial crisis it might be very helpful to the government/banking mafia

Just like most people who own gold do also. But the government only ever confiscated one of those investments.


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In what way? It’s only helpful to them if they can turn it into actual money. Which they cannot do (even now).

In 1933 there was no simple way for the government to seize people’s wealth.

In the USA there is now about $55 trillion in one company situated in New York. This could go at the press of a button. Pretty much as simple for all those electronic dollars, especially as we are having a CBDC on the way, despite what Powell says.

Don’t think that they will be too interested in us gold bugs, even if they could find mine :slight_smile:

If you take everyone else’s money away, what money you have is worth more.


@Divitias Seriously the DTCC is a clearing house. One of the largest.

Their assets are in the $50 billion range since 2018. They have zero control over $54 trillion. They are a clearing house that processes most stock transfers.

Don’t get confused by ownership and control.

This is a bit old but gives you more clarity - retaining custody is the quaint wording they use:

DTC brings efficiency to the securities industry by retaining custody of more than 1.3 million active securities issues valued at US$54.2 trillion as of 7/31/2017,

The DTCC does not transfer the stock to its books.

The DTCC never owns or controls the shares.

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Most people think that, because they actually do have legal ownership of their shares. Shares registered in your broker’s name are still legally yours, and are even insured by the government should something happen to the broker.

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Didn’t you know that government requires all safe manufacturers to give them the combinations to every safe? And if the customer changes the combination, they are required to tell the government how to break in when necessary. Etc.


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I thought that only applied to gun safes.


Have a look on their site:

DTC holds legal title to the securities and the ultimate investor is the beneficial owner.

Most people own derivatives, not shares, often called security entitlement. In the case of a financial meltdown the owner of a security entitlement will be in the position of an unsecured creditor and will get ‘what’s left’ after the legal owner of their securities has paid its secured debts.

That is not how the website reads.

Again the DTCC is a clearinghouse. The DTCC never has anyone else’s equities on the DTCC books as their own assets.

DTC holds legal title

Legal title:

‘Absolute ownership of real property that is enforceable in a court of law. Legal title to real property is evidenced by a deed that is recorded in the public records in the county where the property is located.’