The Great Unwinding is the next step in returning to the desperation economy

Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their Medicaid benefits in April, as emergency pandemic provisions that kept people enrolled over the past few years began to end. The coverage losses are going to only grow.

In Florida, nearly 250,000 people lost Medicaid coverage in April, as states began a process to check whether everyone currently enrolled in Medicaid still meets the eligibility criteria. About 73,000 people were also deemed ineligible in Arkansas. Another 53,000 had their coverage terminated in Indiana and 40,000 were removed from Medicaid in Arizona.


What is amazing is the American public does not see all of this as a total and complete mismanagement.

We are so used to people supporting mismanagement it is lost on many of us.

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Anyone with any knowledge of the huge long term benefits of basic universal public health will see this as staggeringly self destructive stupidity.

david fb