The kid is really aware of what is going on. And proves he knows it

Those family dinners must be so much fun, so much catsup on the walls.

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And somebody got their undies in a twist…


She would not allow it. He’d have no future.

Which is why he refused. Baron knows that.

The article you posted is still available up top. You did not read it.

My screen shows:

Your post was flagged by the community. Please see your messages.

I did get the warning message from TMF in my Notifications.

“Your post was flagged as off-topic : the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic, as currently defined by the title and the first post.”

Some coward did that to one of my posts today too. It was bogus because it was on topic and not the forbidden topic.

This post was going to get pulled 100% of the time.


In the lower right-hand corner of the OP is the word “reply”. Under that is an arrow. Click on the arrow. Your post will be there.