The Knowledgebase

To many of the new posters here and reading over the last several posts that are Portfolio related plus “what should I do?”

I can’t emphasise enough, there really is no other board in Fool Kingdom that answers all your questions by reading up what has been painstakingly provided for you.

You have to do the work yourself, read, read and read some more. It’s all here giving you the basics right up to expert status. And when you think you have understood, read it all again.

Picking the right Company is damn hard work to start with plus allocating your funds accordingly has to be learnt along the way but all the tools are provided for you to develop those skills thanks to Saul(happy fools day)and all the incredible contributors herein.

The Knowledgebase and associated reading matter. Learn it, master it, develop it, and then learn everything you can about your investment until you have a severe headache😃

Happy July 4th.