The LA Rams at Disneyland

The GMA show had a short segment which featured three of the LA Rams and their families at Disneyland. Great synergy!


P.S. Darn, I should have spent more time playing football.

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I love synergy like that, I agree. There should be more of it, frankly. There could be multiple segments every day promoting content. There should be a daily segment (or a weekly) focusing on what’s happening in the “Star Wars” universe that week (new merchandise coming out, new trailers, whatever). One for Marvel, Pixar, D+.

I don’t follow sports, and have never played football…but hey, you’re right, great way to get to the park!

I love synergy like that,…

The Disney Mall Stores use to be a great example of that in that they sold a Disney Monthly magazine which contained all news Disney. The stores also had large video screens which showed sneak previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. You could buy theme park tickets from store Cast Members who had great inside park information.

Finally during the Christmas Season, before the store opened, the Cast Members would come out to the waiting crowd and show new merchandise that had arrived in the store during the week. At one time these people were considered “Brand Ambassadors” by Disney for all their divisions.


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That is a good example of synergy, the mall stores. And what a great strategy, showing merchandise to the crowd.

It’s funny, I used to be in favor of just licensing locations (i.e., the old Children’s Place deal), and although that is still a good way to reduce risk in my opinion, I do see the benefit of having brand-ambassador stores/employees and wish DIS would maintain a bigger footprint in the malls. Heck, I assume rent is cheaper these days after the mall-o-pocalypse or whatever it’s called. Plus, maybe in a dozen major locations/markets (or whatever markets would promote the brand the most), DIS should buy whole mall locations and make Disney Malls! Why not, could be unique entertainment centers…

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Why not, could be unique entertainment centers.

I like your way of thinking. One of the former Disney Store locations was in the Historic Faneuil Hall-Quincy Market location in Boston, MA. This location, in the pre-pandemic days, got 1 million plus visitors a year and the Disney Store had a central location making it the busiest store north of NYC.

It was also closed when the company decided to eliminate most physical store locations.