The masks are back


What is a Covid spike? Do you know anyone hospitalized. Most seem to be Covid positive reported when someone had sniffles and got tested. Quarantine at home for a while. Hospitalization seems rare.

Is there a real problem? Or are they trying to sell more vaccinations?

Some deaths still reported but apparently with the unvaccinated or those with underlying conditions.

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Or is it typical media hysteria?

I looked up the data for Michigan. For July 2, there were 47 confirmed cases in the state. For 8/21, there were the SHOCKING!! ALARMING!!! total of 213 cases. Of course, last March, without any media sturm und drang, there were 400-600+ confirmed cases per day. For July 1, last year, there were 1459 confirmed cases, and, for 8/20 there were 1364. But panic, Panic, PANIC, screams the media.