The Next Pandemic Will Kill Many More


I believe this is called Freedumb. (had to get past the spell checker on that)

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Interesting that New York has one of these laws but Nebraska does not (But I’m sure they will soon enough)

Parents also mess up the schools as well.

For instance wee Jonny has a hard time doing math in the 3rd grade. The parent or two demand a complete change to how math is taught.

Parents are a nuisance. This is mostly about the power of institutions in a crisis. The crisis honestly does run on quite long and get very old. The parents in the name of defending their children the parents become spoiled brats.

I agree with the parents. Meaning the masks etc needed to end. But the anger and pettiness like everyone is out just to get you and your child. Spoiled brats. Not most parents but the loud ones never shut the pie hole.

Wee Jonny can not pass math in the 3rd grade? He should not have a TV in his bedroom. He should not have an iPhone. Again parents mature a bit. Again not all parents.

She is celebrating. I just see someone who wont stop ruining life for anyone else because she does not get that anyone else exists.

The “let us choose” sign, yep wee Jonny fails out things need to be made easier. Mess up everything and celebrate. Then blame the teachers. These are not responsible people. Let us choose? Sure! Sarcasm.


Not muzzling children? ROFLMAO !!

She demands to muzzle women between their legs…

I am surprised to see New York lit up in the map. I expected to see none but the Shiny. I wonder when Michigan did it? We had a Shiny majority by gerrymander in the state legislature, until last fall, but seems the Gov would have vetoed it.


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