the Pandemic board

Not only has this been a thriving and profoundly informative board. I’d like to point out—unfortunately, after the closure fait accompli, instead of before, since I’d thought I had more time—that the Pandemic board has definite financial relevance.

Part of this has to do with the various continuing impacts of covid on the economy. Part of this involves new investment candidates to explore, as companies enter or assume new roles in the covid prevention and treatment arenas—and this is a prominent thread on the board. Part of it involves the changing workplace configurations, which can have significant effects on retirement planning. Part of it involves healthcare needs and financial ability to meet them.

The Pandemic board remains extremely important in this priority-financial domain that now defines TMF. I know that I’m far from alone in hoping the powers that be will recognize this, and reinstitute it as an active board.

And you can exchange it for the Novogen board, which in theory is investment-related, but in reality receives a handful of posts a year, reflecting the same 2 posters (one being me).

Fingers crossed!!!



I’ve been a denizen of several boards that have changed their name.
Mishedlo → METaR
Trenchrats board → It Is What It Is
?? → NPI

Perhaps change Novogen board name to Pandemic Refinanced?

Hmmm… NVGN is under “Stocks A to Z”… so changing the name might not be the best approach?
Perhaps ask to Start a New Board under Industry Discussions folder? There was a bit of Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech, Astrazenica discussion on PD?

ralph with tongue in cheek on that name.

Pandemics have a huge impact on the Macroeconomy and all investments. The METAR Board is the natural host for these posts.…


Pandemic board has been full of good information…bring it back!