The poor man's Ozempic,modified%20postprandial%20GLP-1%20release.

In conclusion, soluble psyllium fiber not only decreased postprandial glucose and insulin responses but also influenced concomitant GI peptide responses, especially ghrelin and PYY release. In combination with soy protein, psyllium also modified postprandial GLP-1 release. This finding may be of interest for the known effects of GLP-1 on insulin secretion. The results on psyllium confirm earlier results about the effects of soluble DF in modulating subsequent metabolic responses in postprandial physiology, possible related to textural properties of food.

Study on the Mechanism of the Blood-Glucose-Lowering Effect of Collagen Peptides from Sturgeon By-Products - PMC.


I’d love to read the english translation :slight_smile:


That is why I skipped to the conclusion.

Some hours later the simple way of seeing it, your belly fills and you produce hormones. Your hormones then dissipate and you need to eat again. How to trick that is the issue. The rest is all the scientific measures.

I am now using collagen peptides and psyllium in small amounts twice a day. The first time being as of today. It works. I have much less hunger now.


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Of course, she will have to decide what the wolf represents…and that is work too.

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Meanwhile CBS “news” is, tonight, again, touting the pills.


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Just great, sarcasm, did you note the wolf is a carpetbagger?

Oh yes. Hysterical. A carpetbagger who is also (by his pants) classic poor white trash, as they used to say. Disney had a rabid never say die Reb contingent, but also another contingent that made mad fun of the Rebs on the sly.

I had a dear oldster friend who was one of the great Disney cartoon artists (Peter Pan through to Alladin). He moonlighted doing glorious salacious but not x-rated gay cartoon stills, often putting in characters with suspicious resemblances to right wing homophobes…

Artists are dangerously crazy at times.

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No crap
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Not quite a randomized, double-blind trial, but keep us posted.


Supposedly there are a lot of studies on this. The studies were said to be all in line with some weight loss. The degree over time can be about 15% according to one study I saw in my travels. That would put me at about 180 pounds some 68 weeks from now.

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An aside

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Are any of these studies in humans vs rodents (like the one in your link)? Maybe comparing these collagen peptides with meals/adjuncts that contain adequate protein and fat?

Not sure after googling but the difference is hormonal measures versus statistics on dietary fiber intake for humans which are as old as the hills. The hormones from bellies are less of a challenge in rodents compared to humans than many other things…I would imagine. We are not talking about drug development either. In other words it is less DNA or cellular molecular related. Just a list of hormone reactions.

There are plenty of studies on increasing fiber intake.

The wild card might be we work all day a rodent does not. That changes our metabolic relation to time.

I couldn’t decide where to dump this link…probably not of sufficient interest in total to enough folk to warrant its own thread and, as usual, a significant chunk is behind a paywall. However, since the topic of these SGLT-2 inhibitors does seem to spark a degree of opinion giving, there’s a decent bit of insight into one of these compounds’ mode of action that I hadn’t fully understood…and it’s there in the free preview…

P.S. I’m not so interested in this aspect myself, not being diabetic, pre-diabetic, or even marginally insulin resistant … yet. Haven’t yet made it as far as the discussion of statins and that relationship. It usually takes 2 full Z2/MAF/ASCVD mitigation/ insulin sensitivity enhancing training sessions to complete these podcasts.

That was truly interesting. I am antagonizing the GLP 1. My head at times is light. I am on Metformin. I need more salt which is two electrolytes. I need energy instead of lower-salted foods.

My blood pressure had been good before using fiber and protein to antagonize glp 1.

I am adding jogging. I read this in the times. Yahoo as the article with no paywall.

@VeeEnn I had to come back to this thread for a refresher on Peter Attia’s video. I need to make decisions regarding electrolytes.

Meanwhile, I got through Thanksgiving with less than a half-pound weight gain. That is very impressive for me. There was food all day and night available from Wednesday to Friday. My hunger levels have dropped considerably. The weight gain was more a habit than anything else. My usual gain is five pounds.

Just went through the video. I am not getting involved with SGLT2. So I am not urinating Na and glucose.

Instead, I am taking Metformin and now with fiber and protein agonist GLP1. This means I have no real worries about replacing Na.

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Whenever I stumble across something really interesting or informative on a need-to-know basis on these podcasts, I usually have to revisit them a few times…even with the benefit of the show notes/transcript that comes with the subscription. This “ask me anything” session is no exception. I did a relisten to the last 50 minutes or so for my Z2/MAF etc etc treadmill training this very morning. Primarily to listen to his round up of the data pertaining to statins and insulin resistance.

I have a 6 monthly bloodwork check
scheduled for just before Christmas and, as a self check on this…hopefully reassuring… I shall ask for a fasting insulin measurement along with the Usual Suspects. It’s been just over a year since I stated on a statin. Plenty of time for any trend in this direction to show.

Once this bunion is seen to and I’m on the road to recovery, I think I have plenty of room to up my game a bit with exercise without getting too close to overdoing things.