The Rally - Part 2

A day or so ago I put together a list of most of the stocks I am interested in based on how each had performed in the end-of-the-week rally. I had three questions on my mind:

  1. Were the stocks that outperformed the average rally percentages indicative of of better market expectations and sentiment - and if so were they perhaps the best investments going forward.

  2. Were the stocks that outperformed late last week better candidates for the use of TBs.

  3. Regardless of the outcome was going through the process a good idea to keep on top of things…you know…just keeping an eye on the neighborhood?

Maybe - Maybe Not. Regardless…I needed more comparative data without somehow expending copious amounts of time researching and putting together the numbers. After all, I am hardly the first person to ever think this scenario up and so the ultimate answer to either question was likely to be… a rather pedestrian, if not a full Boom Box…NAH! So turned to a source that had multiple tables of data already available: Bessemer Venture Partners.

Bessemer Venture Partners has been following a collection of Cloud-Based companies for quite a few years with not just market beating performance - but with absolute market domination and success. You can look it up for yourself:…


A) Is there correlation to Rally results based on Revenue Growth

Note: Performance Rally Data from Seeking Alpha Updated.

Here are the Top 25 Bessemer Cloud Index companies by Market Cap with Last Week’s Rally Performance:

1.) Adobe: Market Cap $202.33B…with…Last Weeks Rally Performance +6.26%

2.) Salesforce: $164.1B +4.90%

3.) PayPal: $98.7B +6.71%

4.) ServiceNow: $95.5B +11.56%

5.) Square: $52.55B +12.06%

6.) TEAM: $46.98B +7.11%

7.) SHOP: $46.5B +6.43%

8.) SNOW: $40.87 -5.20%. (ER Related)

9.) Workday: $40.33 -1.11% (ER Related)

  1. CRWD: $38.7B +16.15%

  2. ZOOM: $32.95 +18.92% (ER Related)

  3. DDOG: $30.90B +10.88%

  4. VEEV: $26.62B +8.42%

  5. Zscaler: $22.60B +22.66

  6. Twilio: $19.70B +15.53

  7. NET: $19.22B +11.03%

  8. DOCU: $17.24B +15.96%

  9. PAYC: $17.08B +10.54%

  10. HUBS: $16.83B +12.38%

  11. ZI: $16.57B +15.20%

  12. OKTA: $13.57B +9.23%

  13. BILL: $13.06B +18.94%

  14. Zendesk: $12.13B +4.46%

  15. PLAN: $9.89% +1.36%

  16. Paylocity: $9.84% +11.47%

Once you dig a little deeper into the minutia there may be a golden pony in there somewhere. We’ll see I suppose.

More than discovering any actual Best Investment Road Signs (BIRS) in a day or two of data it is more likely to perhaps reveal spring loaded high sentiment stocks that can be parlayed into profitable TB companies. Still…something of a reach and outside of STARTERS definitely a more risky expedition.

All the Best,