The Shepherd

I’m not going to ask that the “If you are a growth investor” thread be deleted – though I won’t object if another board manager does. I do ask that we end it! But I had to laugh at Kingran’s original post. I mean look at some of the things he said!

TAM has lot of pie-in-the-sky included
Growth will slow
it is not everyday you can catch lightning in a bottle
Companies rarely have a superior technology that cannot be replicated

and in a later post:
the world is complicated, there are innumerous variables that can impact the outcome

In other news, water is wet, 2+2=4, and the future hasn’t happened yet!

I mean dagum, Kingran, how dumb do you think we are here? Maybe don’t answer that. But really, what do you think we do here? Everything this board is about is to try to identify rare, special companies – diamonds in the rough. And here you are telling us there is a rough! Haha

I have to laugh…but really, I truly believe Kingran’s not a bad guy. Maybe not even a troll. Maybe he’s even trying to help! I suspect his intent was to educate naive investors who have stumbled into growth investing via this board. That’s a little insulting to their intelligence, in my opinion, but the real thought I had was, “Why should they listen to your doubts, when all you ever offer are doubts?” Kingran doesn’t introduce any companies to the board with a thorough write-up. He doesn’t share his portfolio and explain why he holds the things he does. He’s not offering any red meat – he’s just warning everyone not to eat the spoiled tuna.

I think he’s worried the sheep here will fall off a cliff, and apparently he sees himself as the shepherd. But Kingran is like a shepherd who leads the flock into a desert of doubt. Sure, they don’t fall off a cliff, but they simply starve.

Please don’t hear me wrong. Reasoned doubts about specific can be useful to the conversation. They are welcome – we don’t want an echo chamber. We can always discuss companies – strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats!

But please, realize that if you want to lead, you can’t just keep the sheep from the cliff – you have to take them where they need to go.



Don’t worry, this will be my last post here (at least for sometime). So you can enjoy your tranquility.

What a great idea!

We have had to delete (as I promised), posts numbered 60277, 60278, 60279, 60280, all by Kingran. Maybe things will quiet down now.:grinning:

Thanks for your patience.