The TSI Indicator


You use TSI. I don’t. But I thought I should consider it.

BarChart’s default parameters for TSI are 25,13,7. Written as a formula, TSI = 4x +1, 2x+1, 1x+1 where ‘X’ = 6. So, do this. Swap in other numbers for ‘X’ and see if the indicator becomes more/less useful. (10,7,4) provides crisper signals, but also ones that are redundant to the X-overs seen in the MA pair. So, the speeded-up version isn’t needed.

If the default version is kept, does it provide better signals than MACD or PMO? That’s easy to check, right? And the answer is that the default version does its X-overs pretty much in synch with the default versions of MACD and PMO, all of which signal too slow for my tastes.

Necessary conclusion? You’ll tolerate a cluttered chart, with multiple panels mostly providing the same info. I want minimalist charts. For me, that means hollow candles, a MA pair --MATRI (3 & 4), though nearly anything works–, and a second panel with StochRSI (14,14), thusly,…

Second point: You’ve built more versions of ‘Simon’ than I can keep track off. So I’ve built my own. If we’re going to run a fair test, each of us should settle on a single chart template and then see what we can do with it.