The US auto industry's vote has been counted

No, I did not have anything to tow. And there was no hitch on it. The people who owned it before I did used to to drive long distances (visit? work?), I don’t know why. Great condition. Based on my experience using a much larger car (Buick Electra 225 w/451hp V8) to pull a 22’ camping trailer, I was aware it could not pull that trailer. But a reasonable boat or snow mobile trailer would not be a problem. What is unknown is the weight of the trailer. Also, how often do you go up/down that “fairly steep hill”? I ask because I used to live by just such a hill–in the city. In the winter, cars would essentially slide down the hill because brakes wouldn’'t work–the hill was one long ice sheet. There are a couple other paved roads on hills near there as well–long curves on one and the other goes back/forth a couple times from top to bottom. One was by the Ford plant (now torn down) and everybody knew it was a real problem in the winter. Not much works on ice when the temps get below 0F.

“Also, how often do you go up/down that “fairly steep hill”?”

Every day, I live on it. I also see cars sliding backwards in slick conditions, but they probably have poor tires. I’ve never had that trouble, but if it’s slick I’m in 4wd. Have never had any trouble pulling my trailer up it with my truck, but I don’t try it in the winter. I really like having a 4wd mid-size truck, I don’t need all of the power of a full size, and it’s much easier to park and get around in traffic, and it also goes down forest “roads” good. So I do plan on getting another similar vehicle. I’ll find some reviews online and see what people think of their 4 cyclinder turbo charged truck over the year.