The value of our board

Today was a classic example of why this board has been profitable for so many of us.

Anirban has recently been discussing why he likes WPAM, a software and programming company whose home office is in the Ukraine. I purchased a good sized starting position and was pleased that Saul, a week or 2 later also bought in. Today it was up 6.5% I doubt we would have known of the company except for Anirban’s careful research and analysis.

MF recommended XPO, a trucking brokerage firm. Saul looked at it and liked what he saw…a lot. He shared his enthusiasm. He purchased the stock. That made me look at it seriously as well and resulted in 3 sizable purchases made over the past month or two. Today it moved up 7.3%

Today’s market was a down day with the S&P down .42%. And yet the collective sharing of information resulted in a nice day for our portfolios. Doesn’t get any better than that.