There Is Nothing For You Here

The title of this post is the title of a book written by Fiona Hill, a Senior Fellow at Brookings, based on advice from her father, to get out of the declining economy of northern England, and seek better opportunities elsewhere.

There is some coincidence of message between her experience in England, and what is going on in West Virginia.

Came across this interview that was on Amanpour a month ago, which I somehow missed when it was originally broadcast. The topic is program and budget cutting at West Virginia University. The head of the university is claiming there is an imminent demographic “cliff”, and is winding down the university. Thing is, in cutting several majors, he is limiting opportunity for students in the state. One thing I noticed, is the university head talks about promoting engineering, but he is cutting advanced math programs. Math is a prerequisite for engineering. The state is short of math teachers, but, students in the state can’t get the education they need in the state to fill the teaching needs in the state. It seems as if the head of the university is telling the young of the state “there is nothing for you here”.


We have been attacking and gutting education since Jan. 20, 1981.


Idiots! Math underpins everything. Oh, and that AI thing? It’s all math, all advanced math.


Staying vigilant on Drag Queen Story Hour keeps kids safe and smart. Math and science are the instruments of the Devil.



Good, we are saving rich people from extinction.

As long as we cut taxes we will see massive industrial growth.

It all works. Except for paying taxes. Then people want raises. What next equality? Sickening.

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At different rates, in different states. The guest in the piece, who wrote an article for The Atlantic. commented that the major state universities in Kentucky and Arkansas are adding programs and growing. I have commented before, that U of M and Michigan State are growing, while the second tier state universities are shrinking. Total Michigan college enrollment is following the declining population trend. While the top two are growing, the second tier universities are seeing drops of 30-40% over the last 10 years,

What stood out in the piece, is the outlook of the head of the university, that there is no hope, so he is closing off educational opportunities to the state’s youth. That would force the youth to go to other states for an education. Once relocated for an education, why would they return to WV?



Heck, once you’re educated at even a WV college, why stay in WV ???



“Once relocated for an education, why would they return to WV?”

I’ve watched some Youtube vids on roadtrips thru Appalachia in eastern KY and WV and it is really sad. The area was ground zero of the opioid crisis. Crime every bit as bad as the inner cities that the far right likes to vilify, but since it is majority white the far right don’t seem to notice, lol, imagine that. No hope for a lot of those people, many very dependent on government handouts. The family ties are strong, seems to be the main ( only ? ) reason why a functioning adult would stick around those parts. Heart goes out to the law abiding, striving to get ahead residents of the area, hope they can figure out a way to either get out or to find a way to prosper in their home area. Very scenic areas that could be tourist hotspots, but a bad rep when researching outdoor recreation. Only place I feel safe down there is in the national parklands, WV just got a new one last year, I believe.

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I met a guy during the pandemic who told me he was from WV. Before I could say anything he explained he was not stupid.

Scratching my head.

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…and nevertheless some kids who leave will become wealthy, and buy magnificent land in those parts of W. Virginia that are still gorgeous, close to heaven, and remnants of all that has been lost.

40 years ago I hiked, boated, hunted, drunk moonshine sittin on a stump, became enchanted, sang my heart out…and the sweet young man that enticed me to pilgrimage there committed suicide ten years ago.

Pain and beauty.

david fb

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